Typhoon Haiyan might not be proof of climate change but it is further proof of something to me

Charles Darwin as a young man, probably subseq...

Charles Darwin as a young man, probably subsequent to the Galápagos visit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Often, in light of horrendous news, such as we had last week, people turn to their faith for reassurance. I think such sobering events provide a greater opportunity: a perfect time to question your faith.  Warning, the post below contains some strongly-held atheist views.

This report just in, hot off the wires

There was shock this week in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan in the Phillipines when a man of religion insisted that the terrible events still hadn’t disproved the existence of God.

When asked whether the storm that had taken so many lives and left hundreds of thousands homeless, didn’t finally put an end to the delusion that a kind and benevolent deity was watching over humanity, the religious representative, who wished to remain anonymous, murmured something about “mysterious ways”. We checked a dictionary for a definition of this phrase, which it turns out means “I haven’t a clue and that’s an end to the discussion”

So it was put to the man that if God did indeed exist but had deliberately inflicted such suffering upon mankind, as he had so often before with tsunamis, earthquakes, cancers, birth defects, famines etc, then surely he was a cruel and malicious god that didn’t deserve our praise or worship. Our reporter didn’t catch the full response but the word “sin” was definitely muttered, at which point the man was shown a picture of a dead  infant being cradled  in the arms of her distraught father and carried across the debris and rubble that now define the landscape in the aftermath of the storm. Asked what sins this child could possibly have committed, the man looked a little flustered and remained silent because, you know, religious people are, in the main, well-meaning, caring and good people; they just believe in something that doesn’t exist and therefore something they find hard to explain without reference to an old book; all of which seems a completely unnecessary distraction and which is too often used as an inadequate excuse for both good and bad behaviour.   

Anyway our reporter tried another tact. “If you still insist that there is a god and that he is also a benevolent and kind god, worthy of our adoration, then surely the very least that you have to admit is that he is negligent?”

“He’s very busy” came the reply.

Blank face.

“Answering prayers and the such”

“Hmmm, clearly not all of them”

“As I said he’s very busy”





“Doesn’t exist”

“Busy and mysterious”

I hope it doesn’t seem churlish to reflect on the horrific events in the Phillipines this week in relation to my atheist views but turning to God for comfort at moments like these is a reaction I find completely incongruous with the reality of events.

I genuinely believe that if the time, passion, energy and of course the money that was dedicated to worship, prayer, repairing church roofs and buying Popemobiles was redirected to more pragmatic and real issues, then the world would be a better place.

And after all, Charles Darwin didn’t need such horrific catastrophes to affirm his beliefs. “I cannot persuade myself that a beneficent and omnipotent God would have designedly created parasitic wasps with the express intention of their feeding within the living bodies of Caterpillars.”

Some say you can see God everywhere. I say you can see signs of his absence everywhere. 

You can donate money to the disaster relief effort here: https://donate.oxfam.org.uk/emergency/philippines?pscid=ps_ggl_Emergencies_Philippines_Generic

or here: http://www.unicef.org.uk/landing-pages/Philippines-Childrens-Appeal/?gclid=CM_4t_Kq5boCFfHItAodkD4A-w&sissr=1


About adammontgomery2013

Adam Montgomery has been or still is a leadership and management trainer and coach, stand-up comedian and private investigator, although he refuses to be defined by his current employment status. He, like everyone else, is writing a novel. He likes books, films and music, spending time with his kids, nights out with his friends, watching TED Talks and good food. He dislikes corporate jargon, leaf blowers and those car parking machines that make you enter your number plate details just so that you can't give your ticket to someone else on your way out. What is currently driving him is a belief that the vast majority of people never realise their potential in life and consequently remain unfulfilled and discontent with their lot.
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5 Responses to Typhoon Haiyan might not be proof of climate change but it is further proof of something to me

  1. Hurricanes are a normal part of earth weather.

    Man-made global warming, on the other hand, is a proven hoax.

    Religion is religion. Science is science.

    Happiness is pursued by keeping reality straight in one’s own mind.

  2. Guy says:

    Hey, pick on a God your own size.
    It’s dead easy to dream up a straw God you can’t believe in. Harder to prove there isn’t a better one you haven’t figured out yet.

    • Guy says:

      You could say the same about a physical Theory of Everything, but you don’t. Of course the onus is not on you to prove the existence of a god, but it is on you to *disprove* it. Otherwise your atheism is just a blind faith like any other.
      May I also remind you that Buddhism is one of the oldest religions in the world yet it has never had a God, while Stalin and Mao made mockery of the idea that indoctrination and repression are the province of the religious.

  3. Silence of mind, On radio 4 the other day they were having a debate about climate change and the reporter said that it was impossible to find a single scientist in the UK who did not believe that climate change was happening. Not a single one! They couldn’t get any scientist to speak against climate change. Plenty of pundits and ill-informed but no-one who has actually investigated and researched it. Not sure that makes it a hoax. Evidence is what should be listened to, not the views of those with agendas or un-researched opinions.

  4. Nice comment Guy but I can’t agree – I’m not the one dreaming up gods! And I am very open to any proof that comes my way, either way. But the onus is not on me to prove the existence of a god, I can see no proof or reason anywhere, only the indoctrination of children and “blind faith” in an old story written when we didn’t know any better. Religion is outdated and a drag on society. It is irrelevant yet maintains a distracting and sometimes dangerous grip on the people 🙂

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